Rename website domain

Is there a way through CyberPanel to rename a website domain?

For example, I'm developing on and want to rename the website (change the domain) in CyberPanel to when I'm ready to go live.


  • This is currently not possible.
  • I assume this would be possible with Litespeed alone, editing vhosts, but isn't possible through CyberPanel?

    Unfortunate, is there a formal way to request things on the roadmap? I'd like to add this and multiple IP support to the list.

  • Are there any manual workarounds for manually renaming web domains?
  • If You are a developer you should know that any production website needs a staging environment. So what the point in renaming the virtualhost? You will lose the staging ..

    So, dunno if this feature is available but as a rule of thumb, always keep staging+production :)
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