Noob Comparing To Traditional WHM / CPANEL Setup - Advice?

Hey Everyone,

I am setting up a webserver that will primarily be hosting my client's WordPress websites. I am accustomed to the WHM / CPANEL experience - and used to host on managed VPS so I didn't have to worry about a lot. Getting into rolling my own servers.

I already went through a setup process on Google Compute Engine with CPANEL, CloudLinux, Litespeed, Kernel Care, and Imunify360. Seemed like a really simple way to just not worry about anything (but kind of expensive). The problem is I ran into a lot of issues just following their instructions, and have already had multiple license lockout issues with CPANEL... so I got looking at alternatives.

I am very interested in cyberpanel now. The setup process was very easy, and it appears to be much less resource-intensive on its own.

It appears that Cyberpanel does everything I need it to. The following are my questions, and I'm wondering if anyone can help addressing them.

I was using cloud linux, and that came with a few benefits I'm looking for alternatives for.

Kernel Care Alternative: Is there a CentOS 7 ability for automatic security / kernel updates that avoid restarting the server?

CageFS Alternative: Does Cyberpanel already handle what CageFS provided, essentially with the "containerization" feature?

PHP Versions: it looks like cyberpanel supports site selecting a custom php version? Is this just lacking the retroactive PHP fixes that CloudLinux supplies?

# Imunify360 Alternatives
What does a typical security setup look like for you guys? Any firewall / ddos / virus and malware scanner suggestions?


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    CageFS Alternative:

    Our containerization feature is not an alternative to CageFS. It only limits your website resource usage, so only single user/website on your system can not drain all your resources. Plus this feature only comes with CyberPanel Ent (CyberPanel Ent comes with LSWS Ent included)

    PHP Versions:

    We use official LSPHP repo for PHP, so you need not worry about any issues.

    Imunify360 Alternatives:

    * We've FirewallD, only required ports are open.
    * CSF (If installed, FirewallD will be removed)
    * When new website is created home directory permission is 711, so a user can not go beyond his home directory (through scripts or if user logs in directly from SSH).
    * Every php user runs as its own users so sites are isolated from each other due to above permissions
  • Awesome, thank you for your responses.
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