CSS problem with page sidebar

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I just install CyberPanel on cloud. The problem is when I first login everything is fine. But once I go to SSL > Hostname SSL and issue SSL certificate to a domain that I want to login using SSL, suddenly the page sidebar move to center.

If I use google developer tool I can move the sidebar back to the original place when I add "position: absolute". But it dont work on firefox developer tool.

Login using the domain name also dont fix the problem.

Is anyone else facing the same issue.

Thank you.



  • In your user profile section shorten the name (First Name and Last Name).

    See if this fixes your problem.

  • Hai Hope,

    Wow, yes this fix it. Thank you Hope. you're my hero.
    But there is a lot thing I have to play to test this cp. Look great.

    Thanks again Hope.

  • Let us know your bugs :)
  • @usmannasir said:
    Let us know your bugs :)

    Yes, I will, just know about this cp yesterday. Try install it on arubacloud.

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