FTP not working: 550 Can\'t create directory: Permission denied

It says to my clients: 550 Can\'t create directory: Permission denied , they can't also upload files and moving through folders is so slow


  • Also, just yesterday I was able to edit files through file manager and extract them, I can't anymore, I have not modified anything

  • Can you tell which version are they on?

    And if you have manually uploaded files from SFTP, then the files/dirs owner is root and FTP will not be able to access that dir, you need to change owner, since FTP use vhost owner to perform operations.

    To find out the owner of /home/example.com , you can do

    ls -la


    chown -R newowner:newonwer /home/example.com/public_html

    You should be able to do operations via ftp now. If it still won't work, try deleting and re-creating the FTP account.

  • null
    I am using latest version.

    What should I include on newowner, webpanel user? Example admin or ricardo?
  • That's how you can determine virtual host owner.

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