[Tutorial]How to add 2nd IP for websites

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This is quick guide how to add another IP for websites.

  1. enable webadmin console by this guide

  2. go into webadmin , on listener, add 2 more with 2nd IP (I don't have multiple IP machine at moment, so in this case I will use an IPv6 to mimic second IP)

first one is for port 80 ,select IP you wish to use for this site , disable secure since it is not SSL , binding is optional to how many CPU you have on your server.

second one is for port 443 , same as above , but enable secure,

since this is SSL listener, so you must set a default SSL cert and key, as screenshots , you can grab the sites you wish to place on this IP.

  1. now we need to map vhost to both listener

  1. now click save , and don't forget graceful restart to take effect.
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