Edit php Configuration> Advanced PHP settings is blank???

Another problem...seems there are lots of them with cyberpanel.
I am logged into Cyberpanel as admin.
I go to Server>Edit php configuration>Basic...
There are a number of options here but the one i need to change is the actual config file itself (need to add the following to php.ini max_input_vars=1500 )
So i click on the Advanced tab...its blank???

How do i solve this?


  • We've had no such reports. When you click Advanced Tab, you will need to reselect your PHP so that you can edit PHP settings.
  • edited April 3
    is there a way in which cyberpanel can automatically refresh and also auto select?

    for example,
    A lot of drop down boxes have to be manually selected for things relating to an existing user. Why should a user need to select their own "user" in a dropdown box? only an administrator should have to do this because 1 administrator is managing many users!
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