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MySQL / MariaDB security

It seems the default installation settings are used for MariaDB, including anonymous user access, remote IP access and a "test" database. That's fine for initial test deployment, but really bad for production.

MariaDB included a security script to address the issues called [mysql_secure_installation].

But CyberPanel doesn't run this script during the install process, and this can lead to very vulnerable servers. Yes, no, maybe?

Please advise.


  • OK, so there is no security issue here?
  • An answer from the development team should be appreciated.
  • The issue there is mysql_secure_installation was never intended to be automated so how do you include it in the install?

    The commands required can however be performed of which I have suggested to the dev.

    As far as security goes. It gives access to the test db and any db that has test_

    During your CP install a root password is set and firewall is enabled so your actual risk is very small.
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