New install and can't create website

Fresh install:
Bare Metal
ubuntu 18.04 LTS mini.iso

Functions on panel all seem to work(make users / php) except create a website does not.

the panel shows:

cat: /home/cyberpanel/XXXX: No such file or directory

random number every attempt.....have tried update/upgrade as well as
a couple fresh installs.

I followed the same procedures as the VM I tested and they did not have this issue.

any ideas?

logs shows:

2019-05-17 14:39:07.378685 [NOTICE] Loading LiteSpeed/0.1.8 Open ...
2019-05-17 14:39:07.378707 [NOTICE] Using [BoringSSL]
2019-05-17 14:39:07.479859 [NOTICE] [LscpdCommSocket] server socket: uds://usr/local/lscpd/admin/comm.sock and fd 11 uid 1001 gid 1001
2019-05-17 14:39:07.480144 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] new child process with pid=5347 is forked!
2019-05-17 14:39:07.480782 [NOTICE] [child: 5347] Successfully change current user to lscpd
2019-05-17 14:39:07.480825 [NOTICE] Child: 5347] Core dump is disabled.
2019-05-17 14:39:07.481469 [NOTICE] [Child: 5347] Setup swapping space...
2019-05-17 14:39:07.481552 [NOTICE] [Child: 5347] LiteSpeed/0.1.8 Open starts successfully!
2019-05-17 14:39:08.082792 [INFO] checkStatusFile() called with uid 5001 randoffset -1.
2019-05-17 14:39:08.082832 [INFO] checkStatusFile() return 1.
2019-05-17 14:39:09.000394 [NOTICE] [PID: 5344]: forked cgid: 5353
2019-05-17 14:39:09.084903 [INFO] Process with PID: 5348 is dead
2019-05-17 14:39:36.784055 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo /usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python2 /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ createVirtualHost --virtualH$
2019-05-17 14:39:37.141339 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:38.808487 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:38.818149 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:39.833994 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:39.844182 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:40.859712 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:40.870297 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:41.885813 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:41.895905 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:42.911091 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:42.920239 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:43.934755 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:43.944506 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.
2019-05-17 14:39:44.959125 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command got: "sudo cat /home/cyberpanel/2422"
2019-05-17 14:39:44.968866 [NOTICE] [CommSocket] command done and return 0.


  • Please try Centos 7.x, let me know if you face the same issues there.
  • Centos 7.6 on same hardware / same procedure Works fine......

    Not sure why.....

    Centos is making me a little nervous by deprecating things we have working well.

    I just need to get my "help" up to speed on this panel before moving our live systems to a cyberpanel host (vps).


  • Our recommended OS for now is CentOS. But I am not sure what you are trying to say.
  • Sorry it a was rambling post.

    I have been testing Cyberpanel internally for a is a good replacement for cpanel/litespeed.

    You have done a nice job and progressing in a good direction for our needs.

    the latest install is on a development server to make sure we are all capable of using it when out in the real world.

    I have not been doing Centos installs recently, because a number of technologies that we rely on (not webserver related) have been deprecated by redhat.

    Will be moving to a VPS/cyberpanel host after 10 years with the same managed hosting company -- who got bought by a hedge fund and we have had repeated configuration issues ever since. Maybe if there are US based servers.

  • Good luck with your hunt. Maybe rhel8/centos8 can change things for you.
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