Change default PHPAdmin/MySQL user and password?

The default user and password is hard to remember. How to change that?
On the dashboard, I can see only the option to change the password, but I cannot even do that
Additionally, does one domain only have option to create 1 database? I cannot even create one more database?


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    If you are using the auto installer from CyberPanel it use random name/password for the database. So for database name you can't change.

    But you can change the database password of that database and then use new password in the config file.

    But to do all that you need to have correct MySQL root password in a file from where CyberPanel reads it. Location of that file is /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword

    It must contain correct MySQL root password, otherwise, CyberPanel database related functions will not work.

    So I assumed you have changed your MySQL root password as well, make sure to read this post

    Read under MYSQL Password
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