child domain != subdomain

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Hi Folks,

I'm testing the FREE Starter License of litespeed with cyber panel, but is there a problem, the child domain and a domain works with the same config, and the problem is, with the free license of litespeed, only one domain is allowed but if you create a subdomain(child domain) this count as a second domain for litespeed and you get a license exceed error when you try to access.

so, as the free license covers a entire root domain, a child domain of the root domain (in the same account), must be considered as a subdomain for litespeed and with this dont exceed the unique domain included for the free license.


Provider: We :)

Virtualization Type: KVM

System: CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)

OLS or Enterprise?
Enterprise (free license)

Installing from official server or mirror server?

Replace JS/CSS files to JS Delivr?

Install Memcached extension for PHP?

Install LiteSpeed Memcached?

Install Memcached?

Install Redis extension for PHP?

Install Redis?


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