Can no longer create or delete email accounts from CyberPanel

edited June 2019 in Bug Report
After upgrading to a newer release of 1.8.4, I can no longer delete or add new email accounts via CyberPanel. If I try to add an email account in CyberPanel, I get the following error:

“Cannot create email account. Error message: 0,(1054, "Unknown column 'e_domains.childOwner_id' in 'field list'")”

If I try to select a domain to delete an email account in CyberPanel, I am told that there are no email accounts when there really are:

“Currently no email accounts exist for this domain.”

Fortunately, preexisting email accounts are working fine so I can still send and receive email. As a workaround, I can manually add the email via PHPMyAdmin or a SQL/PHP app but this is non-ideal. Please fix this error.


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