Server not found in few minutes

Sometime, one of my website hosted on cyberpanel is "server not found" in few minutes.
I tried to reboot Lite Speed, then wait for a few minutes. Then, it works.
How may I to fix it? Thanks.


  • Did you check the tuning setting for php? check the Memory Soft Limit and Memory Hard Limit is correct for your memory in vps/server.

    Also check to see use in server status ---> Top Processes and look to see if something is causing high values in %CPU and %MEM for a long period of time

    If low ram and don't have swap you could create if needed
  • My VPS has 6GB of RAM and 2GB of swap. Memory Soft Limit is 2047MB; Memory Hard Limit is also 2047MB. %CPU is always bellow 10% and %MEM is about 40%.
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