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Option to clone web application to other domain or subdomain



  • Did I miss something?

    That sounds like it should catch everything, but it doesn't seem to for whatever reason.

    When I have some time later I will take a look at the particular things that don't seem to be getting copied over and see where they are stored or if I can think of any other issues that might be causing it.

    WP staging is a great feature to have and I'm glad you have implemented it, CyberPanel continues to improve, I'm sure we can find the root cause of any bugs and then it will be really useful.
  • @Mysterious_Beans

    Sure if you find anything let me know.

    You can also see function in raw format that do this task https://github.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/blob/d495ce416075698a8bd16ee50ede710d4d58ed83/websiteFunctions/StagingSetup.py#L28

    If you can read python code, you can easily understand what exactly happens.
  • i cant use because of that:

    public_html > parent_wp > child_wp > child_wp (the second child doesn't have all WP files just some html files)

    Also, if there is more than one clone created, the second clone creates a copy of the first clones wp files into it as well, including the second child version of its self. This is creating a serious amount of bloat within the system.

    my main site is 100MB
    i trying clone it 10 times. i calculate this much: 100x10= 1000MB... but the result is as follows:


    i must setup 40 site, and i cant calgulate how much ?
  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:

    > I can understand your point here but this is more of a custom requirement that CP nor any other panel would have been built to handle.
    > You will need to find a custom way to clone 40 sites.

    You are absolutely right, But it's not just for 40 sites. This is a problem for every situation where you get more than one clon.

    I just wish that. Just like the plesk panel.

    Like me and me, to those who do this, the only solution right now is to use plesk panel.The migration feature of Plesk; I would love to have it on my favorite panel.

    This statement; I am doing this to contribute to the development of the current feature. Can not be done by isolating the files of the clone received from the main site?if this can be done. This feature will be available in production not only for test mirror.

    excuse me if I use wrong words. My english is not good.
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