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WHMCS module

I am running the latest 1.8.7, with API on and latest WHMCS.

I installed the WHMCS module configured packages etc.
I tried to add an account and received this error:
Order Accept Encountered Problems

In the WHMCS modules log it shows
request: modules/servers/cyberpanel/api.php
response: sds

In WHMCS servers section if I click the button "Log into Control Panel" if does log me in.

When i use the Test connection, the results are: fail

Nothing is shown in the CyberPanel logs.

Does the WHMCS module work or is it still in development?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello,
    If this is not a production server, would it be possible to provide access to the WHMCS installation?

    > In the WHMCS modules log it shows
    > request: modules/servers/cyberpanel/api.php
    > response: sds

    Will release an update for module to include some logging soon as well.
  • The WHMCS is production as is the server it is on
    The server CyberPanel is on is not a production server.
  • Can you PM me your CyberPanel login details? I'll try to reproduce on my end.
  • Salam n Hola..

    I have the same problem. Seeing the same error in Module Logs as well.

    CyberPanel 1.8.7
    WHMCS 7.7.1
  • Hi, I'd love to have a WHMCS module as well. I don't care so much for automated account management. I just need the 1-click server login function from the WHMCS servers page.

    Is this function being added?
  • Hi, I hope that you found a solution. Because we are having the same problem. Please let us know if it has been solved in that case we can apply the solution too. Regards
  • Hi, I'm having the same problem. Its strange tho since API doesnt allow to create any user how does it suppose to even work ? @CyberPanel @usmannasir Please help us in here its really holding us back from scaling up our Cyberpanel game. Thanks!
  • same problem, even test connection button on the server configuration doesn't do anything
  • I can't create an account with the whmcs module

    Please help me,

    Thank you
    Owner and Founder of Asro Teknologi
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