Error trying to use RainLoop — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

Error trying to use RainLoop

I'm trying to log into the webemail panel, however it's returning me unknown error.



  • @usmannasir said:
    Disable SELinux.

    I disabled SELinux and managed to log in, but I have two more questions, I researched what would be a function of SeLinux and discovered that it would be a firewall if I deactivated can I be opening vulnerabilities? More information about sending email, getting mail from my email @gmail but when trying to respond this email does not hurt in my @gmail nor as junk mail.

  • Normally CyberPanel code base does not require you to disable SELinux, but the software components that come with CyberPanel needs you to disable SELinux. That's why we recommend disabling SELinux before installation.

    Even though SELinux is disabled you have another layer of the firewall (firewalld) on your server. Or any other external firewall (like GCP have an external firewall).

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