/phpmyadmin/index.php was not found on this server. Fresh install 1.8.8. — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

/phpmyadmin/index.php was not found on this server. Fresh install 1.8.8.

Hi all,

Provider: Me

Dedicated Server 2x2680v2 256GB RAM 500GB SSD

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Fresh install, update, upgrade)

OLS or Enterprise? OLS
CyberPanel 1.8.8 Fresh Install (not upgrade)

The following info is from my memory. Is there a log I can check?

Installing from official server or mirror server? official

Replace JS/CSS files to JS Delivr? no

Install Memcached extension for PHP? Yes

Install LiteSpeed Memcached? yes

Install Memcached? no

Install Redis extension for PHP? yes

Install Redis? yes


PHPMYAdmin not working after creating website and installing WordPress. Clicking on button in CyberPanel brings up https://ServerIP:8090/phpmyadmin/index.php Error message: The requested URL /phpmyadmin/index.php was not found on this server.

Note: WordPress works. Serving pages. Easy install as promised.


  • Your server have composer installed?
  • Only if install.sh installed it ;) If not, then it would not be there as the docs did not inform us to install any pre-reqs prior to running install.sh. On the contrary, we assume that anything we install might get in your way. So we present a virgin, up-to-date server, run your install script, and trust that you will install everything that you need.

    We take pride in our bug reports. We know that you are busy so likely give them a quick read however we did take care to state what we did and did not do: Fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 followed by apt update, apt upgrade then installed current release of CyberPanel. No mention of composer, right?

    We can install composer (and it's pre-reqs) from the command line. Should we then re-run install.sh or do we need to reinstall the OS to be safe? The latter is not quite as simple as installing a cloud image on a VPS so hope we do not need to dig that deep.

    BTW: We are also happy to assist with documentation and regression testing once we are up and running. We respect your good work and want to contribute. Please consider moderating our comments to your blog posts as time permits.

    Control Panels are targeted towards naive users who typically are uncomfy with the command line and so rely on the install docs and script to be minimal and complete. They also have difficulty recovering from issues introduced when updates misbehave.

    CyberPanel helps many people to make use of technology that would otherwise be beyond their reach. A worthy undertaking. Take a bow.

  • edited August 2019

    Sorry your post was long, I may miss some points.

    composer is supposed to be installed by default, but in any case there is possibility it didn't get installed during installation.

    Which I why I just confirmed, if not installed you can install composer and run upgrade to get phpmyadmin.

    For the other stuff like helping with new releases and testing, you can join our Slack and send me a message, we can surely discuss and make some collaboration.
  • Yes, apologies for long posts. Will find your slack channel and join in. Reluctantly as Slack is currently under fire for privacy issues.
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