CentOS 8 and CyberPanel, it works ?


Does cyberpanel work with the new CentOS 8? Thank you for your answers.


  • It wont work unless there are changes made to support it, i doubt any other panels out there supports centos 8 when it is just released.
  • Centos 8 is shipped with python 3 as default. For now with slight workaround it may work. But not right now.
  • Better use a more stable version. is now using CyberPanel with LSCache. Awesome speed!
  • I'll have to try this. I just got a template made for Centos 8. if we symlink python to python2.x library it should work in theory
  • So far this is what I have had to do.

    dnf install bc tar python2
    echo 'alias python="/usr/bin/python2"' >> ~/.bashrc;
    echo 'alias pip="/usr/bin/pip2"' >> ~/.bashrc;
    source ~/.bashrc;
    ln -s /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/python
    ln -s /usr/bin/pip-2 /usr/bin/python-pip

    I'm modifying the installer script to switch it in both spots from:
    yum -y install python-pip

    yum -y install python2-pip

    Will update if my next test works. With some better OS detection to check for stuff as python2 python2-pip if the version of python is missing or shows 3.x would probably work too.
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