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DigitalOcean Cyberpanel not login in RainLoop Webmail

Hello! My name is Emilio, I have a problem with the login in RainLoop. Rainloop authentication failed, I tried many ways and it always says that error. What I can do?

Thanks in advance


  • Have you Logged into the RainLoop Admin Panel and enabled your domain after creating email accounts?

    RainLoop’s admin panel, which is located in the /?admin path of our RainLoop’s installation directory.

    You can access it by (Replace with your domain), and the Rainloop admin will open up.

    The Default Password is :
    username : admin
    password : 12345

    (We Highly Recommend you change your RainLoop admin password after you log in, on the Security tab).

    Then enable your domain if it's not enabled already. If still having issues you may need to try disabling any enabled plugins like whitelist or blacklist.
  • How to reset admin password if not taking?
  • The Default Password is 1234567
  • Digite seu comentárioI tried three passwords to access
    and the password to access the CyberPanel
    None worked, does anyone know where I can get or change this password?
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