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Whitelabel option / Customize Interface

I'm wondering if there's any option to edit the user interface (e.g. Change colors, adjust login screen text etc etc).

I would like my users to have a few links in their menu to my FAQs and Support Page, also the ability to create a ticket or at least be sent to a ticket form on another website via a link on the menu etc.

I've been using Sentora until 1 day ago, but I plan to make this panel my primary hosting interface, but I'll need to be able to do the following:

  1. Create default pages (error pages, welcome page etc) for new domains. I've noticed that there is a thread about this (https://forums.cyberpanel.net/discussion/176/how-to-customize-error-pages/p1) but it doesn't specify if it'll be applied to all existing and newly created domains / users.
  2. I'd like to change some of the colors and fonts of the interface. The panel looks great, I just need to have some continuity for my users.
  3. The ability to create custom menu items if possible
  4. Change / Update the logo

Are any of these options possible. - Also, it would be a great "addon" for users.


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