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Hi all!

So far, loving the support I've been getting from you guys. Here's my next question:

I'm looking to set up Nameservers for my hosted websites. I want to be sure that my clients are able to easily purchase a package and then build a site without messing around with DNS server settings etc.

Now, I've read the very comprehensive guide / blog entry with regards to this, and it's great.. I will have no problem following these steps but I do have a couple of questions:

1. How do you create a backup NS to mirror the primary ones in CyberPanel?
2. Once the NS is set up, will they automatically propagate for newly created users / sites?

Question 1 is important, as I obviously would need to make sure that a copy of my DNS records are mirrored somewhere else in the event of an outage (e.g. emails must get delivered regardless and WHMCS will be hosted on another server).

Question 2 is critical, as your average Joe isn't going to know they have to create zone files etc.

I basically want for the customer to only have to update NS's at their DN provider (e.g. GoDaddy) and set them to "" and "".

A records for all of the domains and subdomains should be automatically created by the panel when the user adds it. Is this the case?


At the moment, I am using Sentora, which basically auto-creates zone files upon domains being added (this is a WHMCS module checkbox). The thing is, for their NS's to work, _ALL _I have to do is add 2 A records " >" and the same thing with NS2.

The guide provided here is a lot more complex compared to the Sentora one.

In theory, the DNS server should pick up all NS lookups and redirect them to their respective records for any domain.

Thoughts / Solutions?


  • just did a quick googling

    PowerDNS does support master/slave replication

    so that's the solution for your question1 and 2 , but the hard part is implement it...

  • @qtwrk So, what would you suggest to successfully create a proper NS server?

    I'll follow the steps in the guide today, but redundancy mirroring is quite important. Maybe there's someone else who can make a lot of sense of this and create a guide / simply the process?

    And.. convert it to CentOS - although, I'm not sure if the Slave server needs to be running the same OS, maybe just the process / application.

  • Hi @qtwrk,

    I've tried following the guide for setting up the Nameservers and so far no joy.

    I've populated the records, set the custom NS's on GoDaddy (as in the steps here:

    Also, I need some sort of DNS template for anyone creating adding a domain to the site so that the most basic records are filled.

    Let's call this a "Default DNS Template" from hereon.

    This Default DNS Template should automatically be assigned to all domains upon creation, where the @ points to the server's IP and the www. being the CNAME. Also MX records which are configured for the CyberPanel setup either during domain creation or upon creating a mailbox in the panel.

    Here's what I created:

    I then added a DNS Zone manually for the domain name

    But this is still not working :( Chrome fails to resolve the domain with "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"

    I've force restarted the server and still nothing.

    Can someone assist me with these points? This server has to be up, running and flawless by the end of the month as I've cancelled my current hosting.


  • Did you correctly set glue record for your domain ?

  • edited April 16

    I do believe so. The NS's are set to GoDaddy default:

    The Private Nameservers are configured as per the guide:

    And the domain I am using "UntappedPotential.Online" is set to the correct nameservers ( /

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