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Hi all!

So far, loving the support I've been getting from you guys. Here's my next question:

I'm looking to set up Nameservers for my hosted websites. I want to be sure that my clients are able to easily purchase a package and then build a site without messing around with DNS server settings etc.

Now, I've read the very comprehensive guide / blog entry with regards to this, and it's great.. I will have no problem following these steps but I do have a couple of questions:

1. How do you create a backup NS to mirror the primary ones in CyberPanel?
2. Once the NS is set up, will they automatically propagate for newly created users / sites?

Question 1 is important, as I obviously would need to make sure that a copy of my DNS records are mirrored somewhere else in the event of an outage (e.g. emails must get delivered regardless and WHMCS will be hosted on another server).

Question 2 is critical, as your average Joe isn't going to know they have to create zone files etc.

I basically want for the customer to only have to update NS's at their DN provider (e.g. GoDaddy) and set them to "" and "".

A records for all of the domains and subdomains should be automatically created by the panel when the user adds it. Is this the case?


At the moment, I am using Sentora, which basically auto-creates zone files upon domains being added (this is a WHMCS module checkbox). The thing is, for their NS's to work, _ALL _I have to do is add 2 A records " >" and the same thing with NS2.

The guide provided here is a lot more complex compared to the Sentora one.

In theory, the DNS server should pick up all NS lookups and redirect them to their respective records for any domain.

Thoughts / Solutions?


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