Badly Need some improvement

This panel is awesome, but need some improvement badly.

1. Auto ssl install and renewal based on cron

2. Softacolous integration or more one click installer scripts

3. Cloudflare integration

4. One click API Enabled for all user ( its a must have feature because if you do not enable api your whmcs user will not be able to manage/change or login using api. and if you have 100 user it's really difficult to enable api for all user one by one )

5. Current add domain is little bit confusing for beginners. To remove confusion you can add two icon one writing subdomain another writing addon domain.

6. one click to login as user, some time we need to login in your account to check, i know i can manage it from admin account but it will best if there is auto login system.

7. email pipe to php script ( required for whmcs ticket )

8. one click to login phpmyadmin and email autologin
9. Set created ACL as default for new account currently user acl select as default when we create account from whmcs, but we want to use other acl which has backup restore enabled.

All these features will definitely make this panel one of the best hosting panel.



  • 7. email pipe to php script ( required for whmcs ticket )

    I have this coded. I originally had done it via aliases but found it was having issues so switched to postfix filter for piping and it works much better for my whmcs and testing.
  • 1. Pretty sure this has been in place since 1.7.x your certs should auto-renew.

    2. Make feature requests on what you would like. Magento is incoming for example. Or, make a request for Softacolous. Personally I dont think its worth the license fee so many scripts that never get used.

    3. What integration is required? Never used cloudflare but as far as I understand it you just need to point the cloudflare dns to the cyberpanel server?

    4. Put in a feature request or vote if it is already there.

    5. Put in a feature request or vote if it is already there.

    6. Don't see the need for another login routine seen as you can do this through the admin anyway.

    7. See whattheserver's reply :)

    8. I think both of these have been suggested go vote!

    9. No idea on this one I dont have any need for whmcs perhaps requires further detail on what you are looking for.
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