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Htaccess Redirect Errors With OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) Rewrite Rules

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Hi everyone.

I installed CyberPanel and moved my site. I was using RedirectMatch with my links that changed.

But with OLS rewrite rules I cant use this. Is not there RedirectMatch on OLS? Or may I do some changes on codes.

I was using this codes for redirecting main extension and all sub extensions with any cpanel hostings.

RedirectMatch abc/(.+)$1 [R=301,L]
RedirectMatch abc/$ [R=301,L]

With this codes I could redirect "abc link" to "def" and automatically all "abc sub extensions" to "def sub extensions".

For example:

/abc => /def
/abc/a => /def/a
/abc/a/b => /def/a/b

But with CyberPanel and OLS RedirectMatch is not working for me. I always take search console errors with 404 about changed and not redirected links.

On OpenLiteSpeed forum I saw a RewriteRule redirect like this:
(RewriteRule phpinfo.php /2/phpinfo.php) but this is not working, too.

Google Bots started to go back to the old links - extensions. So redirects are not working no longer.



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