15 wordpress sites migrated to cyberpanel.

As a lot of websites/shops are going into production level next year I am finishing off the server/hosting development.
A couple of months ago I had 20+ wordpress sites running off 3 self hosted servers for testing. Many methods have been tried over the last few years from hosted c-panel to docker containers. The previous best option for me to host and manage the sites was using `Ubos Linux' as an AWS instance.
Ubos is great but terminal/ssh based and requires customisation that can break on upgrades.
Using different `front ends' for gui management led to deciding on `MainWP' at this stage.
Over the last month I have migrated 15 sites to my cyberpanel/litespeed server which is self hosted on AWS (ubuntu core).
Everything is running smoothly and along with mainwp and a few other management tools mostly GUI driven.
Backing up the sites with updraft to google drive and then pointing the dns to the new cyberpanel server and re-installing to a fresh website with wordpress on cyberpanel worked for free and effectively with no errors or need to change anything. A snapshot of the cyberpanel server backs up the server and all the sites and mainwp can automate the individual site backups to google drive. The name-servers are maintained at base and email is handled via `Zoho'
This is the most reliable, solid structure to date and the sites are fast and completely independent as standard.
2020 is the culmination of years of devs going into practice for and it's network of domains/websites/online shops/social media, etc... and are in early stages as are most sites at this stage.
Thanks to cyberpanel things have gotten easier than ever before...
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