First Impressions count! So far not impressed!

And I'm not talking about the panel itself as I haven't tested it fully yet but Cyberpanel in General I'm not impressed.

As most of your visitors will be tweakers, devs, computer nerds etc first impression counts and little flaws have a big influence.

It first started with the Demo not working. If I didn't ask the Litespeed team to notify you guys it would still be broken.

Fail2ban has been asked for several times for the past years but in march 2018 you guys said you would implement it soon. That was 20 months ago I just logged into the fail2ban.

Year in the footer is still 2018

In the FB group you can't post questions..and the questions people are forced to ask in posts added by admin are not answered.

Forum software. Damn, this forum is not user friendly at all and quite chaotic. Vanilla forum lacks modern functions.

Now I probably get burned down for the critique but Marketing and Promotion is part of my work so I tend to nitpick about these things and if I look at things like that so will others.

Anyway, now that the demo finally works again I'm still going to check it out and I hope you guys will do something with the feedback.

I will currently stick with Plesk but when you implement fail2ban I will surely try out some domains on it.


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    Why bother with fail2ban. CSF / LFD does the same job is regularly updated and better. Configserver has both CSF and CXS for cyberpanel

    Fail2ban was last updated over 12months ago. For me, that's a no thanks ill go with something that's being developed and maintained.

    Sometimes this is the way development works. A suggestion is made. Someone says yes, but then when they look into it that turns into a no as another route or option is chosen. I see nothing wrong with that.

    As for the demo and forum. Well yeah, that is a bit nitpicking. Forums are generally horrid. OLS forum is horrid. cPanel's forum is horrid and I don't care if they are all bells and whistles as I won't need it or use it.

    But hey at least you made me giggle at the mention of Plesk....
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  • yeah, this is about as bad as asking where is APF support..... if you want some outdated and not maintained stuff, by all means, submit the code to make it an option. No one is stopping you.

    CSF / LFD + Modsec as stated above is way better less glitchy and well maintained. So unless you have some archaic need for fail2ban that CSF and it's customizations offer this seems like straight-up trolling.

  • in case of security and user experience CSF is thousands time better than fail2ban and mod security supercharged its capabilities.
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