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Can't delete Websites


I am currently using the most current version of CyberPanel.

When I am deleting a website, it shows that is has been successfully deleted, but when checking under "Websites" the deleted page is still there.

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  • Same problem here.

    /home/website-name-xyz/* is deleted, but some entries stay behind.

    The undesired side effect is, you can't restore a website as you run into an error such as "5009" ( This website already exists.. Not able to create Account, Databases and DNS Records, aborting. )
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    If cyberpanel database is partially corrupt, it can lead to this behavior (message "website successfully deleted", but not actually fully deleted. Perhaps the admin can put together a quick guide how to remove / cleanup the website remains manually in such cases? ex.

    1. Delete /home/*
    2. Delete /var/lib/mysql/domai_db1, domai_db2, etc.
    3. Access phpMyAdmin with root password, open cyberpanel database and in various tables, delete all references to and domai (DB username prefix) in specific order as the tables are linked.

    Obviously, with a BIG warning that such actions can corrupt the entire cyberpanel and require a fresh server installation, and to BACKUP beforehand.

    Or better yet, create a cli bash script to do it for you.
  • I have the same problem
  • and I have such a problem.
  • What is the proper process to delete as Delete Website does not work

    It leaves all the following directories, using


    It also leaves all configuration data in the following files:

    It also leaves all configuration data in the cyberpanel database in the following tables:
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