WP multisite issues after migration...

1- created addon domain, added NS =
2- imported sql database through sql command mysql -u username -p new_database < data-dump.sql

3- corrected Lets encrypt ssl like in this tutorial

4- migrated files from old server using scp command..

5- editted wp-config to add new database parameters

6- main site is up and running but other 4 sites which works as subfolders on like giving 404 error...

even cant log in to admin panel...

i followed the toutrial in this link

but with no luck

still cant log to any other site in the network all gives 404 but the main site..

any help??


  • Create a ticket, I will have a look.

  • @CyberPanel said:
    Create a ticket, I will have a look.

    after adding rewrite rule to OLS server itself not .htaccess , it worked but i got wiered issue now..

    all my websites are opening , but i cant test my website in any testing site like mxtool o ngnix as it gives Unable to resolve "" to an IP address.

    but it works fine and opening through browser....

    i think the issue i have related to SOA record that naming nameserver to while im using in real which is my host name server ...

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