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Cyberpanel + OpenLitespeed poor performance under load testing

What’s your experience with Open Litespeed/Litespeed vs Nginx lately?
I’ve just made some load tests comparing both of them and the results are unexpected.

Using 5$ Vultr droplet Singapore location. Default WordPress 5.3 install. Php 7.3.

I’m using Gridpane for Nginx stack and Cyberpanel for Open Litespeed stack. test

1st test 250 clients per sec: OpenLitespeed did pretty good with only 261ms average response time.

Nginx 343ms average response time.

2nd test 500 clients per sec: OpenLitespeed fall hard with 4992ms avg response time and 42% errors.

Nginx was very stable with 367ms avg respone time and zero error.

3rd test 1000 clients per sec: OpenLitespeed couldn’t finish the test and crashed. I have to restart it few time but the result was the same. Switched to Enterprise version and 4529ms avg response time with 42% errors.

Nginx still did good with 2046ms avg response time with only 2% errors.

I used to believe that there is no way nginx can beat OpenLitespeed/Litespeed in load test.

Or did I miss something? Do you guys have any suggestion for me?
The reason why I choose Cyberpanel and Gridpane? Because they are easy to install for normal user like me.

Updated: Just upgrade VPS to 2vCPU 4GB Ram, running Litespeed Enterprise with LS Cache enabled. Results:
2nd test with 500 clients per sec: 1366 ms avg resp 10.5% err rate
3rd test with 1000 clients per sec: 4610 ms avg resp 43.6% err rate.

A 20$ VPS running Cyberpanel with Litespeed Enterprise still can't beat 5$ Nginx VPS with Gridpane. Is it true or there is something wrong with Cyberpanel?


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