i want to delete mysql mariadb and powerdns. cyberpanel is using this database ?

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Hi, i want to delete mysql mariadb and powerdns. My all apps are using sqlite3 db. And PowerDNS is unnecessary for me.

cyberpanel backend is using mysql??

I just want to use Openlitespeed, php7.2 and sqlite3.

Also, if I remove the php plugins that are unnecessary for me, would it be a problem (eg: xmlwriter, xmlrpc etc.)?


  • Hello

    You can just stop main MySQL using:

    systemctl stop mysql

    CyberPanel have its separate MYSQL instance, which can not be shut down, but you can shut down the main MySQL instance.

    Removing not needed PHP applications will not be causing issues.


  • thank you very much.

  • I found this post and I'm trying stop mariadb/mysql service, but keeping the cyberpanel running. Is it possible?

    When I stop mariadb service, I see Server Error (500).

    Thanks for your advice.
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