What if I forgot the Cyber Panel Admin Login Password?

What if I forgot the Cyber Panel Admin Login Password?

Looks like its a Simple Question, But it should be asked...

I have seen a Growth in Litespeed users, so this should be addressed.

Normally After Cyber Panel install with OLS, Admin can login ip:8090

and Default User name is " admin "

Password is " something we choose inside the cyber panel or by default 1234567

Think A user Changed his Admin password from Cyber Panel Dashboard.

and after 6 months, he forgot the password.

How he can reset it?

there is no, forgot password link or reset option in the Login Screen.

default Admin user name " admin " can't change?

then The Hack3r Know 50% of the credentials... the user name for every LiteSpeed is admin.

so, he needs to find only the password to login in the Cyber Panel.

I could not see any Two-Step Verification in Cyber Panel.

something Like Google Aythenticato should be implemented here.

May be something else you have to secure the Cyber Panel Login... if yes, let me know how that works...

NB: NOT SSH and Private Keys... Think the simple way, a Hack3r find our site powered by Litespeed, and user ID should be admin.... Think as per this scenario...


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