Install prestashop 1.7.x on cyberpanel openlitespeed PHP 7.2.x

1- create a website on cyberpanel
2- download prestashop source from using FTP to download to ur PC then upload to your public_html folder or using
SSH command # wget
3- Extract the zip folder on file manager
4- fix permissions
5- from your browser go to your website to start installation
6- in the store information enter location US or UK or any european country then change to your home country later or else youll face some issues..
7- As prestashop 1.7.x doesnt support PHP 7.2 yet you need to change some PHP parameters in prestashop as explained in the following git pull..



  • Thanks for this tutorial, I am not a technical person and using Cludways for installing all the apps including PrestaShop, it's quite easy with their managed platform, , Nothing to do technically, just manage on clicks and install PrestaShop in minutes.
  • well , that was meant to fix prestashop issues with php 7.2.4 in first place , as php 1.7 is not supporting it
  • @moataz as I install as the instruction. I try to install prestashop with PHP 5.6. the installing progress stop at 12% ps_** already exiting in database. then deleted the database and created new one for it. it stuck at the 12% also. I changed the persmissions to 777 all the folders and sub-folders it would be install successfully. but when I goto return 500 error, server temperatly not working. is this the .htass not working or the rewrite engine to to configure?
  • You can try PrestaShop auto installer. Use PHP 7.x and above.
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