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[Tutorial] How to use OpenLiteSpeed as Reverse Proxy server.

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Hi, this guide will show you how to setup OpenLiteSpeed as reverse proxy server.

In this example , I will use backend.cyberpanel.net as back-end , and reverse.cyberpanel.net as front-end.

1. First of all , test both domains are working

2. Now go to External App , create a new external app type "Web Server"

3. Let's call it "Backend" , this name will be used in later step.

In this case , it's same machine , so it is , if it's different server , you can set public IP , if backend is HTTPS , remember add https://

4. Now create a context, type "Proxy", set URI to /

5. Since it's different domain , you also have to pass hostname for backend to accept request.

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ http://backend/$1 [P,E=Proxy-Host:backend.cyberpanel.net]

note: backend is the name you created in step 3, and backend.cyberpanel.net is our back-end domain.

6. Now let's restart OpenLiteSpeed and test it.


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