How to redirect index.html to url ? How to redirect IP to domain ?

How to redirect index.html to url? How to redirect IP to domain?


  • Redirect index.html to url
    RewriteRule ^/index\.html$ [L,R=301]
    Give an example of your second question.
  • Thank you for the help, it works. As for the second question, I need to redirect the IP address of my server to the domain. For example, on So if I enter the IP address in the browser, I am redirected to this domain
  • On this file
    First find listener Default {

    Under this directive append map Example *

    Then, edit the Example vhost conf located at:
    and append:
    rewrite  {
    enable 1
    logLevel 9
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^NameOfBadRobot
    RewriteRule ^/nospider/ - [F]

    RewriteRule ^/$ [L,R=301]
    Remove any other rewrite related directives if any, and replace with the domain.
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