open litespeed stops automatically

I'm having problems with my cyberpanel. suddenly open litespeed on my cyberpanel stopped. so that all websites become inaccessible.

what is the problem? how to handle it?


  • I don't know the answer but I have had the same issue with both litespeed and powerdns sometimes stopping by themselves when establishing a new site/domain/Wordpress.
    I tried to explain it @
    I now check the `server status' during the process. Also at times the server needs rebooting. Also ssl is sometimes required and may not be set.
    The combination of events that occur when `creating a website' with a new domain and Wordpress seem to stumble and DNS propagation might be a factor.
    I end up with solid installs but they need careful moves.
  • It has something to do with apparently:

    Because of this issue, LSWS may not restart successfully if you try to install a PHP extension, for example.
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