Please Support Debian 10 — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

Please Support Debian 10

Cyberpanel so far not support Debian 10. please fix it


  • my vps using debian 10. I cant install CP. how to fix it?
  • Debian 10 is brand new and doesn't yet have to ported packages for many functionalities needed for CyberPanel to operate
  • @muttahir We now hit Mar 2021... If using buster-backports tree (with optionally some packages from testing tree).

    What does your current testing imply in regards to Debian 10/Buster support for the CyberPanel self-hosted edition?
  • edit
    add Debian from grep

    elif grep -q -E "Ubuntu 18.04|Debian|Ubuntu 20.04|Ubuntu 20.10" /etc/os-release ; then

    save and run with ./ $@
  • Hi Everyone
    What the Awful support is for cyberpanel ...

    I used this command to installation on ubuntu 20.04 tls :
    sudo su -c "sh <(curl || wget -O -"

    But it gives me this error :

    If you don't have direct access to root user, please run sudo su - command (do NOT miss the - at end or it will fail) and then run installation command again.

    I asked about the error but did not received any help

    Would some one please help me to install this panel or I have to left and try other solution?

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