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tweak query in mysql.conf.d/server.cnf problem

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Hi there,
I running on Centos 7 with CP 1.9.1 (OLS 1.5.7).

I came to the point that I needed to tweak a little mysql settings, so I went for info and got little confused.

I assumed that all settings can be loaded by etc/mysql.conf.d/server.cnf (which is empty by default or precisely doesn't have anything but [mysqld] and some #info)

So I put only test stuff below [mysqld] such as:
max_connections = 265
innodb_buffer_pool_size = 512M
query_cache_limit = 2M
query_cache_size = 32M
-> saved
-> systemctl restart mysqld
nothing appeared in php info
-> systemctl restart lscpd
same nothing

So I started reading .. setting can be made by , went there but that option is off for adding new servers.

Now I stuck and got more confused, where and how make necessary changes,? I am wrong with etc/mysql.conf.d/server.cnf ?
Anyone was facing similar problem?
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