help! 403 Forbidden

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Access to this resource on the server is denied!
I am getting this error after using 1 click wordpress installation.
Plz check inmarking. Com for error.


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    I have same issue (
  • same on wp install yesterday. waiting for possible dns propagation.
  • After waiting, rebooting, checking services, re-issue ssl, etc...
    Still 403 error on manage (preview) & domain/url.
    After, deletete website -- create website, install wp+LSCache.
    It seems to be working ...
    Only difference is I chose php7.3 instead of php7.4.
    I will be building site over next few days. i will comment if it's not working or needs further installation steps...
  • Ok, I waited an hour for any propagation.
    A new (security feature???) thing I have had happen on say 3 out of 10 wordpress installs with cyberpanel is:
    I can't log in first time. I click `lost password' and check my email: click on `reset': accept (after copy/paste to bitwarden) new password: log in.
    AFTER I did this. I now have a working site admin but need to set SSL.
    I just managed SSL and now have a completely functional working wordpress site ready for plugins and content @
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    Another issue which has happened before is as:
    On changing main settings on Wordpress menu. I went to `pages' to publish a new page for home & posts. I get a Json error not allowing to publish. i need to reset SSL & reboot the main server and all is ok...
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