Updating CyberPanel to 1.9 / Build 4E on Ubuntu server.

Just done it successfully. Checkout the steps with pics at:


  • Just did another succesful upgrade as per above method. . Did a quick check by getting `mainwp' to update 47 plugins on installed sites. All good.

    Add Snapshot
    Name OS Size Date Status
    updated 194e with recent changes to newera ocean newera biz and updated ubuntu 80GB 2020-02-14 09:40:41 Available
    After upgrading Ubuntu & CyberPanel. CP 1.9 / Build 4E 80GB 2020-02-05 13:47:12 Available
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    When I went online today my sites were down (first time in over a month). Given that is Sunday I was determined not to go into panic mode.
    I did hard a re-start on the server.
    All sites working but only http: access to :8090 on hostname domain.
    Issued ssl for hostname and after same result issued ssl for hostname domain as domain.
    Rebooted my desktop pc (which had not been rebooted for 5 days)
    Everything seems to be working ok now and 18 sites all up with https.
  • MainWP is a simple way to check your CyberPanel Wordpress sites.
    as in:
    Sync Dashboard with Child Sites (syncs your websites so that you know sites are up & https)
    Update Everything (accesses your wp sites so you know admin works)
    and a few more automated tasks to assist with management.
    ( )
  • Sites went down today when I noticed one was not `green locked' and was showing as `self signed' certificate. When I issued SSL in Cyberpanel, all sites went down.
    After doing a hard restart of the server, all was ok and the site was https: secured.
    I am hoping that the problem stops and that litespeed & cyberpanel can stay consistent with their upgrades along with the server OS. In my case that means CyberPanel, Litespeed & Ubuntu LTS.
  • This is a known Openlitespeed issue. It happens on other panels using it also.

    Cyberpanel can only do so much it relies on 3rd party vendors to release bug free software ;)
    Cyberpanel Installation Service.
  • The thing being that if there are any issues then the version that works should be nominated. ie/ version ? of CyberPanel is compatible with version ? of Litespeed.
    If anything will break it should be with the release notes so as `the update' can be performed or left `as is'. Ie/ CyberPanel 1.94E is compatible with LitespeedServer xxxx.
    Or maybe fully managed by the CyberPanel update. Ie/ Do not update litespeed separately as latest compatible version is included.
  • The thing is there is that Openlitespeed has provided 4 releases now with bugs. The omission of fixes for previous bugs has really produced a bit of a problem. So which version do you expect Cyberpanel to say only upgrade to x version?

    This would also be very difficult to do seen as virtually all are using repo updates so it then gets updated as you update your server software.

    You can, of course, downgrade or even upgrade to a beta of openlitespeed yourself. Head to /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc and use the script provided.
    Cyberpanel Installation Service.
  • Thanks for your comments and I understand what you mean. I can test and downgrade/upgrade at present. It's a bit risky when sites break even with snapshots/backups and time consuming to check everything. I am not blaming CyberPanel as I stated above `I am hoping that the problem stops and that litespeed & cyberpanel can stay consistent with their upgrades along with the server OS. In my case that means CyberPanel, Litespeed & Ubuntu LTS.'
    I have similar issues with the Newera Linux desktop as in KDE Plasma & Ubuntu co-exist as Kubuntu but things sometimes go awry when you update one of the three re/ dependencies/apps, etc.
    It's gone from rough seas to smooth sailing bit by bit over the years.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade OpenLiteSpeed In Ubuntu:

    Upgrade in server terminal:
    apt-get upgrade OpenLiteSpeed

    Downgrade to any specific version that the repository supports
    Search available OpenLitespeed versions from the repository
    ( )
    Download the specific version:
    ( e.g. openlitespeed_1.6.7-1+bionic_amd64.deb package )


    Install the package:
    dpkg -i openlitespeed_1.6.7-1+bionic_amd64.deb

    Uprade Cyberpanel in Ubuntu server:
    bash <(curl

    Upgrade Ubuntu in Ubuntu server:
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

    I would rather skip the openlitespeed upgrade and have it performed by CyberPanel.

    Maybe it's not possible and maybe it is but it would be nice.
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