Adding subdomain for added site under wordpress Subdomain based Multisite Network

I have created a multisite WP Network -- /home/

Created a subdomain in cyber panel -- /home/

The problem is now the staging is in a separate directory to work this as part of my network site the site should have the same directory as my primary website. /home/

How do I resolve this?


  • Multisite can be fussy especially with self hosted server that is not straight apache/nginx. have a read and you might find that using ssh you can rename and validate folders/directories >
  • My network is working just fine - I'm able to add different subdomain based sites too.

    The problem is with the SSL - the ssl is not working on the subdomain.ory to the same as that of the primary domain.

    To resolve this I'm adding a subdomain through a site panel also I'm pointing the subdomain directory

    still there is new directory created in the public_html > subdomain
  • /home/

    when i want is simply /home/
  • I bookmarked this often updated plugin a few weeks back thinking it might come in handy for something like you are having. I never got round to checking it out but if it is multisite friendly it or something like it might help you track down the problem >
  • One last thing. I setup multisite a few years back on AWS and at that stage had to use load-balancing to generate an Amazon Wildcard SSL cert (*).
    that worked and all child sites/sub-domains were https automatically.
    Prior to doing that I could only SSL the main domain.
  • ohh - I was using google cloud let me check load balancing there
  • I have tried ssl plugins - but there is issue with a subdomain creation. It says there is no valid subdomain created for this site.

    in cyber panel is we create the subdomain its is created as a separate directory and work as independent website - this does not allow the site added in the WP network to operate
  • As a multisite, wordpress is better as a single instance and then you add, delete, create, etc your sites/sub-domains, etc. Also a wildcard ssl certificate over the instance domain should let you publish https sites with no amendments. I would say to use CyberPanel you could create your master Wordpress site for multisite administration but other created WP sites would conflict/confuse as per your comment. It would work but a simple solution = 1 server, 1 WP instance, 1 WP multisite. The following link for a multisite stack works. I have setup on AWS with load balancer and wildcard Amazon SSL certs.
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