OpenLiteSpeed is Stopped when issued SSL?

Hi support,
OpenLiteSpeed is Stopped when issued SSL?

Info my server:
Latest Version: 1.9
Latest Build: 4


  • I have the same version and started to have same issue. Also form /etc/crontab/ there is no longer auto SSL check. Seems like team is already aware of it and disabled auto renew of the SSL in case of any issues?

    Can you share your /etc/crontab please?

  • Got the same issue. Litespeed server dies after issuing SSL to a domain.
  • Same here. Ticked opened
  • It is a bug with Openlitespeed not Cyberpanel.
    Cyberpanel Installation Service.
  • When you issue new SSL, use panel rewrite rule option, create website etc. Openlitespeed restart using command but it looks like it just stop not restart. I have shared details in Facebook official group. This make shared server down because many sites issue ask everyday. Another issue is detected WordPress images are not uploading sometimes details is posted in the FB group. These two issue must be solved
  • Both are openlitespeed issues. Head to their forum and post the bug reports there.

    WP uploads has already been discussed

    Create your own topic for SSL if there isnt one already but try to upgrade to the latest version first to see if it resolves the issue. v1.6.7
    Cyberpanel Installation Service.
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