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Importing email messages from cpanel to cyberpanel

hi, ive migrated website from cpanel to cyberpanel successfully
But now i need to import the email messages..

I backed up email accounts from cpanel..

Any ideas what to do next...


  • Did you use the cpanel backup migration or moved manually.

    If you moved manually you can use this tool to migrate your emails. You have to create the mail accounts in advance in cyberpanel.
  • Thanks for the amazing tool, however i dont have the source email passwords..

    I used the following and it worked for me..

    - Create emails manually on current Cyberpanel
    - Login to created email and send a test mail
    - Upload Cpanel email backup file, Using filezila to /home/Vmail/
    - extract tar xvf
    - Chown -R 5000:5000 extracted folder
    - Find cur folder within every email u want to restore and copy to cur folder within current created emails
    Make sure all emails are in vmail:vmail or 5000:5000 permission
  • This will also take care of emails transfer ->
  • The autoimport not working for me.
  • Type your comment> @Diego said:
    > The autoimport not working for me.

    You need to provide more details
  • I have followed these ( instructions and flawlessly transferred my website.

    This is how I did;

    1. Take full backup from cpanel, download it to your computer.

    2. Upload this backup file (zipped file) in a directory in your Cyberpanel folders. (I uploaded it to my main website's home folder.)

    3. compile this code:
    /usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ --path /home/mymainwebsite.comfolder

    4. Do not generate website before. When you compile code it will generate website and generate database and mail accounts with same password. And when I access webmail I could see my old emails.
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