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Cyberpanel Installation Service

Wish to have your cyberpanel installed for you and set up ready to use?

I am now able to offer default installations for a fee of $50

The service is ONLY available on the recommended os of Centos7 and Ubuntu 18.04 & 18.10*

This covers:

Installation of cyberpanel and basic configuration to include;

Installation of Openlitespeed or Litespeed Enterprise**

SSL setup for hostname ***

SSL setup for mail ***

Verification that mail can be sent and received.****

Install of CSF firewall, Spamassassin, Email filtering for Spam via Rainloop

Verification of all other systems are active and enabled such as phpMyAdmin, OpenliteSpeed Web Admin, Rainloop

SSH secured

DNS installed and set up for hostname and nameservers

FTP installed and setup

*requires VPS KVM only, dedicated or hybrid server minimal OS installation Centos 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 or 18.10, not within any other type of container. Minimum spec recommended 2GB+ ram. If in doubt please contact me.

**Enterprise requires a valid license. Install of enterprise cannot be reversed or downgraded to openlitespeed.

***Requires a valid domain name with nameservers created and pointed at the assigned IP address provided by your host provider.

Acceptance of installation terms and conditions will be required. Further support and services are also available at $40 per hour billed for a 2hr minimum between normal working hours 9am-6pm GMT London/UK. Monday - Friday. Saturday is available at $50 per hour billed for a 2hr minimum between the hours of 9am - 1pm.

Contact me to place your order.
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