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Database handling errors

Provider: Digital Ocean

Virtualization Type: No idea - Digital Ocean default

System: Ubuntu 18.04

Installation option: Standard options

OLS or Enterprise?

Installing from official server or mirror server?


I have a website with 7 databases associated to it. The website and DBs were all generated through a cpanel import, using the Cyber script provided for such.

I tried to delete some of the data bases. The first delete operation worked. The next one (right after the first) generated this error:

- - - -
Error message: (1396, "Operation DROP USER failed for 'cevatt'@'localhost'")
- - - -

This occured on all other databases I tried to delete on this web site.
Then when trying to repeat the delete operation on one of those that generated the error, I get a different error:

- - - -
Error message: (1008, "Can't drop database 'cevatt_drupal'; database doesn't exist")
- - - -

So it would seem they have deleted. And yet they still show up in the LIST DATABASES, and DELETE DATABASESE lists and relevant drop down selectors.

Seems like a bug to me.

Aside from reporting it, I need suggestions on what to do. There are now databases showing up which I can't delete.
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