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SMTP with Mailgun on Rainloop

I have installed WordPress on my CyberPanel. I also managed to get Mailgun to work with my WordPress smtp plugin, and can successfully send email. Testing with DKIM Test( also yielded a "pass" on all the categories.

However, I also want to be able to send and receive emails using Rainloop. This is the part that is giving me problems. I added the Mailgun smtp account to the smtp host in CyberPanel. When I test it using the DKIM Test, the DKIM stage failed, saying there is "no key". I would like to say that email can still be sent, but always end up in the spam because the DKIM signature is not valid due to the above reason.

What more strange is that if I delete the Mailgun smtp host, Rainloop is still able to send email. It seems to me like the smtp host in CyberPanel doesn't work.

Can anyone provide me some guidance?


  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > Same DKIM key passes one test fails the other?

    Yes. I guess each app uses different source of smtp.
    The WordPress plugin (WP Mail SMTP) has a setting where I could enter my Mailgun API key.

    CyberPanel has an SMTP Host page that I could enter my Mailgun SMTP host, where I could enter the credentials of the "postmaster" account and password. Validation is successful, but the DKIM failed.

    How do others configure their setup to use Mailgun?
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