What decides whether cyberpanel creates a "dns zone" when creating a new "website"

if I create a new website named cyberpanel creates dns zones for this domain, but if I create a new website named it doesn't create a dns zone. However, I can manually create a dns zone for It would be convenient if zone creation for a new website was done for every site, or maybe done based on a checkbox (something like "click here to also create a new dns zone for this domain")


  • child domains unless you state for them to be full websites the dns uses the parent domain dns

    If you wish dns control in full for a child domain simply click convert to website in websites > list child domains
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  • I tried this but when I go into DNS -> Add delete records, and select the newly converted subdomain, it says: 'Cannot fetch records. Error message:Domains matching query does not exist.'
  • furthermore, if I go to "delete zones" it shows up in the list, but when I pick it it says:

    Cannot delete zone. Error message: Domains matching query does not exist.
  • Being looked into.
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  • +1
    Am I right in thinking this is related to why SSL isn't working for me?
    - dns is hosted elsewhere (with an A record pointing at my cyberpanel server)
    - is hosted on cyberpanel server
    - no explicit DNS zones set up on cyberpanel server
    - cyberpanel says SSL issued for but browser treating it like self-signed
  • I haven't had any trouble getting ssl certs issued through letsencrypt when setting up subdomains like you describe.
  • maybe clear cache in browser, switch browsers, etc... maybe the unsigned cert is cached or something.. also try an ssl checker site that will pull your website and give a report on the cert
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