Problem with fresh install

I'm unfamiliar with server admin stuff so followed a Youtube tutorial ( to install Openlitespeed and cyberpanel on Linode Centos8 server. All seemed to go well but nothing responds at the ipaddress.

The terminal console shows an error (, but I have no ideas what my next steps should be.

Any help greatly appreciated...


  • Tried restarting the server - no change

    Tried deleting the linode and going through the process again, but not deselecting the option for watchdog (beta) - no change
  • Tried again, deleted existing linode and used ConOS7 this time. Same problem, connections timed out - but this time I tried the reload option in the browser and hey presto it worked. Might have worked with contos8 the first time I don't know.
  • Centos 8 is not supported.
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