[BE] - KVM - 1vCPU - 2GB Ram - 13€ / Mo

VPS Hosting
also called a VM or virtual Machine
or like they say, a VPS is a virtual server that is created on a Node, where a Node is a dedicated server with special configuration
in our case we got a Node with the following spects, to provide a example

* 32 Cores @ 2Ghz
* 128GB Ram
* 10Gbit network
* Raid50 SSD's ( 8 )
* Raid50 HDD's ( 6 )
* Centos + KVM

ofcourse we make sure that we do not oversell those , as overselling has a big inpact on performance
our system is based on KVM so we can gladly offer the following

* Centos 6 - 7 - 8
* Debian 8 - 9 -10
* Ubuntu 16.4 - 18.4
* Windows 2012R2 - 2016 - 2019 ( trials )

and ofcourse we got some install scripts specialy made for you ( makes life just a bit easyer )

* Cyberpanel install and update
* NethServer ( vpn )

in case you got specail requests , we can add them on request or if you can code a little then you can make your own ( bash/sh )

VPS offers
we offer the following vps servers
* 1 to 12 cores
* 2GB to 16GB ram
* 1 to 3 public ip's
* from 5 MBps ( 40mbit ) until 100MBps ( 800mbit )
* 100GB - 1TB SSD/HDD Raid 50 storage space
* Live migration from SSD to HDD and back
* Prices are starting from 13€ per month ( 1 core / 2GB ram )

you can also order a trial to testrun the vps servers before you deside to get one
trials are always free to order , and you can use them for 24 hours before they get deleted
they only have a private ip adress so port forwarding is on request , but atleast you have internet on it to test out your stuff

We accept the following payments at current moment

* 2checkout for creditcards
* Bitcoins by coinpayments
* Diffend payments by sisow
* Cash ( if your from belguim )
* Wire transfer ( no instand setup )

We are located in belguim with own hardware
and if you order a vps for cyberpanel , you can use the secret code ( cyberpanel .... ) to gain 30% discount on ANY kind of customisation for 3 months

to give a example
if used on the lowest package , your price is just 9,10€ per month
after 3 months it turns back to the normal price of 13€ per month
or you can contact us and we see what we can do

please read our tos at
and feel free to order

Enjoy the service

Nico Quintiens
PowerChaos Company
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