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is cyberpanel safe?

Hey I was wondering is it easy to hack or get into our control panel by a hacker? My browser always shows a warning that it's not secure. I might be wrong that's why I wanted to know how difficult is to hack our panel?


  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > Its been security audited more than once.
    > If you are getting a browser warning then its more likely you have not assigned a hostname correctly and issued SSL for the hostname.

    Is there any chance of hacking If I use default panel address without https ?
    for example: myip:8090
  • It's best practice to encrypt user information and luckily CyberPanel makes it very easy to enable SSL and enforce HTTPS instead of HTTP with Rewrite Rules. You can even config your CyberPanel to be accessed at instead of

    There's more risk of your password being leaked if you are not using SSL. So I would recommend that you access your panel with a valid hostname and SSL.
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