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I can not use the nameservers created in cyberpanel

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I am a new user of CyberPanel and in the management of VPS so maybe this question is ridiculous for some of you :smiley:

But, this is my issue.

I have a DO droplet and I point it to mydomain.com setting the DNS in DigitalOcean dashboard and using the DO ns1, ns2... with the domain register.

The site works.

I have CyberPanel 2.0 installed I created a site with the same domain name, so mydomain.com.
ns1.mydoamin.com, ns2.mydomain.com, SSL, DKIM, and all the other items are created correctly.

Now I want to change the nameserver in the domain register with the ns1.mydomain.com and not ns1.digitalocean.com, but I got an invalid error.

The namerservers generated from Cypberpanel seem are not created, and the TXT parameters too...

Am I wrong some steps?

Thank you for your replies!!


  • Thank you for the clarification!

    With my register I can't create dedicated nameservers, I sent them a request to get them. As soon as they answer I try again and in case of problems, I update this post.

    Thanks again
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    @hennaboy In Italy it is not possible to have private nameservers pointed on the same IP, so I can not use ns1.mydomain.com, ns2.mydomain.com.

    My issue is all the settings created in CyberPanel DNS (TXT, MX, SPF) do not work.
    I have to set them on DNS management of Digital Ocean to make them to work.

    I have my droplet point to domainA.com, in CyperPanel I have created a site domainA.com because I have only that.

    Do I have to use only the Digital Ocean's DNS management?
  • @hennaboy
    This is driving me crazy :smiley:
    I tried also in this way, in godaddy I entered ns1.digitalocean.com ecc., I deleted all the dns created in DigitalOcean, and I created ns1.digitalocean.com in Cyberpanel.
    But after some times I cheched the DNS propagation and I had 0 location... if I add the DNS in Digitalocean they are propagated...
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