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slow performance on new install

Hello, I have setup Cyber Panel via Google Cloud Platform (marketplace) and I cannot seem to get website to perform. It's got a small website on there with 8 cpus and 12gb of memory (migrated from 1 cpu server to try Cyber Panel)

It's not a busy website so I am obviously missing something to fine tune performance.

Wordpress mem limit, php mem limit, max input vars all those usual suspects changed for more power but even deleting 10 posts or 5 I get server errors.

I also cannot find the MariaDB config file via SSH so I am not sure where it is but I managed to see it's got max 150 connections setup but even with that it should not give problems as it is a massive server for the website.

Litspeed Tuning I set max connections to 20 000 max ssl to 10 000, cache size 50M

PHP tuning I tried upping the max connections for the domain as well with no luck.

Please let me know what I am missing, how can I get the website to use full server resources and is it the database max connections but even so it was performing fine on a tiny shared hosting account with 1 vcpu nad 1gb memory so really confused.

Thank you in advance for help!
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