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cyberpanel + lsws ent + lscache I still feel slow...


What other optimization do you guys offer aside from the most common ones?

I still feel like my site is loading slowly.. especially when you click one internal link to another internal link...

I can really tell the difference when this site was in siteground + memcached...

browsing internal links loads extremely fast...

however, speed tests like gtmetrix and pingdom are telling me the site loads faster on cyberpanel + lsws + lscache... but then again those speed tests does not browse one page to another... they only test one page load...

The very problem that I see is when clicking internal links... it takes a little pause then loads... I even have enabled "instant click"... and it helps a little... on previously visited internal url (cached pages)

I am sorry but I cannot display the website publicly here.. I am hoping I can send the site to a support team or moderator to test..


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